Saturday, June 7, 2014

DIY Kettle Cover

So I purchased one of these Electric kettles with intent of using it to boil tea...only to read the instructions saying that; it is to only be used to boil water...and if any other type of liquid was boiled in it, they will not honor the warranty...blah blah blah...

Notice they said it will not destroy the unit, it just said they won't honor the warranty...simply because they want you to pay more and purchase an actual "tea" kettle
An actual 'tea' kettle made for boiling tea will have a cover on the spout since this kind of kettle wasn't made for 'tea' doesn't have a cover on the spout, and hence the tea, upon reaching boiling point, bubbles over and spills like crazy through the spout.
I was so upset but a simple piece of foil folded to cradle the spout, solved this little problem...

Take a piece of foil, fold it cover and wrap around the spout and leave it on your kettle just like a cover...remove it to pour and replace it...
You only need to change the foil out, when the foil looks like it has served it's time :)

Important Tips!

  • DO NOT put milk to boil in it though...milk can burn...add your milk after.
  • DO NOT pull the strings off your tea bags...let the string hang over the top of the kettle and snap the cover in place to hold it...You don't wanna chance letting the tea bags boil inside and burst...

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