Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Organize Your Measuring Cups and Scoops

Do you have a hard time looking for your measuring spoons and containers, when it's time for baking, or to follow a recipe?
Well here's a simple solution to this...

So it's time to bake some cookies, and you can't seem to find your teaspoon scoop anywhere?
I always get so frustrated rummaging through a drawer looking for these things; so I thought hard and came up with a simple genius plan...

Use the empty space at the side of your fridge or cupboard and stick some cheap hooks with double sided tape... (make sure that your scoops can fit on the hook first).
If you have more than one in each size, that's ok... you can hang each size on one hook.
You can print nice labels for each on your printer, or just use a dry erase marker and right the size of the scoops at the top...

So easy and simple...no more lost measuring scoops... :)

Happy cooking.

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